December 3, 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian

To better communicate with parents the School District of Solon Springs has an addition to Family Access called Skylert. Skylert is a message system that will give parents important school information by phone, email or SMS texting.


Skylert allows parents to enter phone numbers, e-mail and SMS texting information into Family Access. If there is a mass phone notification, the new phone numbers entered by the parent/guardian will be notified in addition to the phone numbers that have already been provided to the schools. For example, parents can enter the phone number of their day care provider or an emergency contact, such as grandparents, to also receive messages from the School District of Solon Springs.


You may access Skylert by the following:

1. Log into Family Access. You will find the Skylert link is in the same area as the Grade book, Attendance, and Schedule links.

2. Click on the Skylert link and a page will display all phone numbers and in what situation those phone numbers will be called. As always, should you need to make a phone number change for your child(ren), please contact the individual school where your child(ren) attend.

We trust that you will find Skylert helpful in keeping important people in your child’s life informed of important information.

Skylert – School District of Solon Springs Family Contact Service via Telephone and E-Mail

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Families can determine which phone numbers and which e-mail accounts receive certain types of communications.  


Editing Skylert Settings

Log into Skyward Family Access through go to Parents/Students and then Skyward Family Access. Once logged in, click on Skylert on the General Information menu on the left navigation bar. Your Skylert settings will display. If you desire to make changes, click on Save on the right of screen after you have finished making changes.


Please note that the Primary Phone, Work, Cellular, and home E-mail shown under the Notifications for Primary Guardian are the same pieces of information recorded in our Skyward Student database. Changes that you would like to make to these numbers and e-mail can only be made through the school’s main office.


Save – if you make changes, be sure to click Save before exiting this screen. S


Emergency notifications will reference events such as safety related incidents and other emergency notifications determined by district administrators. Emergency notifications will be sent only as needed.



General notifications are for informational purposes only and will reference various district and campus events and information. In addition, General notifications will be utilized to alert parents of school delay and/or closure due to inclement weather.