Dear Parent or Guardian:


Solon Springs School students in grades 3-10 will participate in the following Wisconsin State Assessments during the months of March and April. These assessments are part of the required Wisconsin State Assessment System.

  • Wisconsin Forward Exam: English/Language Arts and Mathematics - Grades 3-8

  • Wisconsin Forward Exam: Social Studies - Grades 4, 8 and 10

  • Wisconsin Forward Exam Science - Grades 4 and 8

  • ACT Aspire Exam: English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science  - Grades 9 and 10

Linked below is an “Information for Families” brochure regarding each the Wisconsin Forward Exam and The ACT Early High School (ACT Aspire) Assessment which provides information about the assessment's purpose, what scores will be provided, and how scores are used. These assessments measure the knowledge and skills your student(s) should have acquired by the time they reach each grade level. Their performance on the assessment does not impact their current grades. Please encourage your son or daughter to take the test seriously and give their best effort.




If you are a Parent/Guardian of a Solon Springs Virtual Program you should receive an email from Mr. Nelson through Connexus about specific testing times and dates that your son/daughter will be expected at the school for assessments. Please keep an eye out for this very important e-mail as April approaches.


Thank you